2012 Mentor Program Campout

September 29, 2012

AYO Mentor Program held its second annual campout September 14th-16th, 2012. Twenty-eight individuals including youth, their mentors, and volunteers enjoyed the beautiful weather at Cherry Creek State Park. Many of the youth set up a tent for the first time, learning valuable lessons from their mentor as they worked together. Throughout the weekend youth engaged in many activities together: learning outdoor survival skills, outdoor cooking, growing together as they engaged in team builders; created a mosaic out of broken tiles, had fun swimming, competed in an obstacle course, and went for hikes. The theme, “making positive decisions,” was evident in each of the activities. Along with the fun and learning that the youth gained from having a new experience, the highlights also included: youth sharing their personal stories of overcoming challenges; and participating in decision-making activities. During the activities, groups acted out scenarios which brought them to the point of making a decision. Each person voted on what they would do if they had to make that decision and shared why they would choose that action. The group debriefed the activities; sharing valuable insights to why we make the decisions we do, and helpful ways of making positive choices. Each participant walked away with a deeper relationship with their mentor, mentee, and peers. Youth gained valuable skills and experience in good decision making.