Aurora Youth Options Mentor Program is excited to announce that..

February 06, 2018

The Colorado Metro Area Mentoring Initiative (CMAMI) Grant is a partnership between Aurora Research Institute, Aurora Youth Options, Denver Urban Scholars, Goodwill Denver and YESS Institute mentoring programs.  CMAMI is seeking to improve mentoring to youth with consideration for any differences of ability that may be impacting the youth, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed.  All partners aim to provide nurturing, positive and life changing mentoring relationships for youth.  Youth with diagnosed and undiagnosed ability differences have not, in the past, been specifically invited into mentoring programs.  While these youth may have received mentoring services, their needs may not have been addressed with knowledge and purpose. 


Within a typical recruitment process, CMAMI expects that youth with diagnosed and undiagnosed ability differences will be included.  CMAMI will monitor all matches with attention to possible ability differences that may be impacting the youth and the mentoring match and relationship. It is important that the community understand that the CMAMI partners do not have the expertise or capacity to provide specific accommodation or intervention services to address any specific disability.  


Under the CMAMI Grant, partner agencies are providing support and training services to staff members and mentors within our programs on how to identify differences in ability, how to more effectively support a mentor working with a youth with a specific disability, and how to be sensitive to their needs. We are bolstering our mentors and staff to understand challenges associated with working with youth with differing abilities.  Our goal is to serve the youth in our programs to the best of our abilities. 


For more information contact Robert Mayper, program coordinator at or 303-923-6512