AYO gets WILD….helping kids grow better outside.

September 27, 2018



AYO has a new partnership with an organization called Generation WILD through the city of Aurora.  WILD’s purpose is to help underserved and underrepresented youth in parts of Aurora and specific neighborhoods in Denver get outside and interact with nature. AYO is focused on connecting youth to prosocial resources, and an important component in doing that is to offer experiences that they have never done before. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to expand our summer activities into the fall by taking advantage of some of the programs WILD has to offer.

One such activity was horseback riding. AYO had the opportunity to take thirteen of our youth to 12 Mile Stables, right next to Cherry Creek Reservoir. The ride around Cherry Creek allowed the youth to not only enjoy the horses but also the incredible view. Twelve of the youth had never gone horseback riding before. By the end of the event, all of them were excited to go again.  Most recently we took 6 youth to the Aurora Reservoir for an hour of Kayaking. The youth learned how to use the paddle to move their kayak in the water. They quickly learned how much arm movement is necessary to get their kayak to move in the direction or at the speed they desired. In addition they were able to observe the wildlife on the banks of the reservoir.

We are excited and looking forward to more adventurous fun with WILD in the upcoming months. Here is a look at what we have planned for the month of October:

10/6/2018 -Fishing

10/16/2018 -Mountain Excursion at Rocky Mountain National Park

10/18/2018 – Animal Encounters