AYO thanks Citywide Banks and the community for supporting AYO's Money Match campaign!

November 15, 2016

This fall, Aurora Youth Options had the amazing opportunity of being the beneficiary of

Citywide Banks’ Annual Money Match campaign! Citywide Banks matched $2,000 of our

$5,850 community donations. The bank also showcased AYO during its Annual Golf

Classic event! City Bank members and friends played an 18-hole game with one special

hole being reserved for AYO. Players chipped a rubber ducky into a kiddy pool and for

each hole in one, Citywide donated once more. An additional $5,000 was raised for our

programs in the most creative and fun way! The total amount raised for AYO during the

Match Campaign was $10,850! We send Citywide Banks and our community our love and

deepest appreciation. Thank you for supporting AYO’s mission to help the youth of

Aurora thrive.