Board Game Night

November 15, 2012

On Thursday, November 15, Aurora Youth Options Mentor Program held its monthly activity: Board Game Night with the theme of Setting Goals and Accomplishing Them.
Thirty-two people attended the activity and broke into groups to play the Game of Life. Youth got a chance to travel a simulated path of life: making decisions, building a family, purchasing a home, earning money, and paying bills. AYO made some modifications to the game so that as individuals traveedl around the board they would be brought into conversations about life and life decisions. At the end of the night matches were encouraged to set a goal that they could accomplish within the next month and design action-steps to accomplish the goal.
A fun night was had for everyone who attended! People were engaging in conversation with each other and taking turns sharing their thoughts about the questions of life. The adults also shared their own personal life experiences with the youth. It was evident from the youths’ faces that it was more than just the pizza that was being served.