Colorado Juvenile Council Award Recipients

November 14, 2014

Colorado Juvenile Council (CJC) is dedicated to providing opportunities, connections and resources that support excellence in the juvenile justice system.  Over the years CJC has evolved to include virtually every agency that works alongside the juvenile justice system in Colorado.
November 14th, 2014 CJC presented a conference: "Recreational Marijuana: What does it Mean for You, The Juvenile System and Kids?"  Presentations included: Retail MJ Demystified, Effects of Retail MJ on the System Agencies and How they are Dealing, Retailer Confidential: Store Owners and Attorneys Discuss Medical vs. MJ Retail, Edibles, the Regulations and How they're Dealing with Youth,
CJC Annual Awards Presentation.  During the Awards Presentation, AYO received recognition with two awards.  M.O. received CJC Youth of the Year for his abilities and strong determination to overcome decisions he made at a younger age.  M. has turned his life around, becoming a positive role model.  He works with Aurora Gang Resistance- (A-GRIP), encouraging younger kids to make appropriate choices.  He is working hard to repay previous restitution. Vicki Scott was also awarded CJC Supervisor of the Year for supporting the AYO team members to truly be innovative in their individualized client interactions.  We are so proud of you both- keep up the good work!