June Mentor Monthly Activity

June 27, 2012

On Saturday June 23, Aurora Youth Options Mentor program held its June monthly activity, a Scavenger Hunt in the Lowry Town Center community. The day focused on exploring careers and career planning, with the objective to have fun of course. The overall goal of the day was to get our youth thinking about their future and start planning for it. Mentors were alongside to help and communicate an understanding of what each business and career addresses concerning real world need, the customers they work with and what do they accomplish for those customers.
The group started out at the Wings Over the Rockies Museum They learned about careers in the military and flying in general. Youth and mentors operated the actual flight simulator, toured the museum and spoke with personnel about the skills needed to hold their particular positions at the museum. The group also visiting areas businesses making investigation stops at 24 Hour Fitness, DaVita, Albertson, Kismet, and Savory Spice Shop, learning about the business and themselves along the way. The Scavenger Hunt ended at the Library. While at the Library the group visited with a librarian, who explained what to do with the information they just gathered, and how having a plan improves their ability to get, keep and enjoy the job they want.
What a great life skills experience and a fun time doing it.
Shared by Roy, June 27, 2012