Mentor Program Monthly Activity: Aurora History Museum

April 13, 2013

On Saturday April 13, Aurora Youth Options Mentor program held its monthly activity at the Aurora History Museum. The purpose was to provide youth with the opportunity to see various exhibits, learning the history behind culture, fine and decorative arts. The highlight of the day was the Growing Up Gamer: A History of Video Games exhibit and the hope was to show the youth a different side of being what they call being a “gamer.” The exhibit showed how video
games have evolved from the beginning to now and how society and the world look at the technology today.
Boy! What a day it was--and full of excitement! The youth had an opportunity to look into the past and the future and the mentors were able to reminisce about how things have changed. The day began with the youth arriving and going through an introduction of who is who and how long they have been in the program. Youth then received an orientation to the museum and were guided by our tour guide who lead the group through a narrated museum exhibit tour.
Once at the gamer exhibit, youth got a chance to show-off their skills and play some of the old and new games that were available. The day ended with a display of different bones and skins that turned into a Q&A session for the group. It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience that the youth will always remember.