Mentor Program Success Story!!

August 01, 2018


David and Kenneth have been in our mentor program for a year and a half. They found out that they had so much in common the first time they met, from their demeanors and interests down to their personalities. Their very first meet up, David took Kenneth driving after he got his permit to practice before he hit the road. They participated in AYO’s annual ropes course, where they got to see a more adventurous side of one another and bonded on a deeper level. David has supported Kenneth through various different ways, from helping him with homework, proofreading essays and papers to going to Kenneth’s school debates, helping chaperone at prom to even helping Kenneth with running so that he could improve his long distance running times. They did a lot of firsts together as well, David took Kenneth fishing and to different museums as well as Kenneth encouraging David to run in a 10k together. They also did some volunteering together by helping clean up yards and neighborhoods for the elderly. Both are very busy people, Kenneth commits a lot of time to extracurricular activities and boosting his resume for college, so seeing that they consistently met up and made time for one another is amazing. Kenneth has been so involved in school that he was recently awarded with a full ride scholarship to Stanford University!! David got a chance to visit Stanford with Kenneth, attend a conference and explore a little of California together. They truly bonded on this trip and got a chance to see Kenneth's new stomping grounds. Their relationship and commitment to each other has been incredible to watch flourish. Congrats to Kenneth who has worked and continues to work so hard to make his dreams come true!