My Friend and Community

February 10, 2012

I've lived in Aurora since I was three and it has been a good and safe environment for me. It is a community where many different types of people live together. Many different racial and ethnic groups make up the city. We all learn and try to get along and live together which is both a challenge and a gift. I have made many friends since we moved here. The parks and rec centers have offered a lot of support in classes and opportunities in recreation. I've enjoyed cooking classes in the past but right now my favorite part is the free and safe dances; everyone is welcome.
Aurora has opened many opportunities for me, especially in school. I attend a High School, which is considered rough by some people. But it hasn't stopped me from joining activities and sports, as well as theater. I’m a part of Interact club which supports the Aurora homeless, Ambassador club where I translate for parents or non-English speakers, and Thespians club which has given me the chance to play the roles of other characters and act in plays and musicals. I feel good about giving back to Aurora. I've played school sports like Soccer, Softball and Track. Along with being fun, these have helped me stay in condition, gain school spirit, and visit other schools. Clubs, teachers, and the diverse population have also helped me meet new friends and see life in a different way.
My high school has also given me the opportunity to take a variety of classes and to learn many new ideas. I especially like Economics and Environmental Science because they teach me about saving money and about the economic problems of the world today. Science has taught me more about how to preserve the environment and what we must do to make the world a better place for future generations. Latin American History is especially interesting to me because it has taught me more about the countries to the south of the United States and also more about my heritage.
My teachers recommended me to Aurora Youth Options, a support system for at risk teenagers in academic and social areas. Aurora Youth Options has provided me with different opportunities and has helped me grow and learn as well as experience different things such as camping and problem solving. They have a youth tutoring program that helps me with my homework and also
to know other students that have problems in everyday classes and life. They give me individual help when I need it and provide me with a mentor who has given me more experiences, such as a job, visiting museums and concerts, and an amazing friendship.
Aurora is called the gateway to the Rockies; I feel it has also been a supportive and safe gateway to my adult hood. It has been my great friend and community.