Volunteer of the Year Award Winner

April 27, 2015

 Billie Jo Roach was recognized on April 14th as the Volunteer of the Year by the Colorado Child and Adolescent Mental Health Coalition. Billie Jo received this recognition based on her volunteer experience as a mentor with the AYO Mentor Program. She has been matched with her mentee for one year and during this time has employed several creative ways of building a relationship with and challenging her mentee. One of the first things they did together was create vision boards for their lives, which opened up conversations about their futures. Reading books and discussing them at a book club, giving speeches at Toastmasters and running a 10k are all activities that have gotten them to a place where they call each other friends. Billie Jo’s mentee now even calls herself a runner, a term she would have never used in the past. New experiences, opportunities and a mentor’s support will change a youth’s live.