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December 12, 2016

On Tuesday December 6th, AYO hosted a holiday party with other organizations in the Hoffman building including, Aurora Strong Resilience Center, the Hoffman Rec Center, Aurora Public Library, Transition Age Youth and GRASP. We had an awesome time giving away some sweet raffle

November 23, 2016

Aurora Youth Options was able to provide 11 AYO families and 12 individual clients with warm winter coats for this season. This would not have been possible without the support of the local Dependable Cleaners and their "Coats for Colorado Coat drive." This event provides our youth and their families with much needed warmth for the long Colorado winters.  

November 15, 2016

This fall, Aurora Youth Options had the amazing opportunity of being the beneficiary of

Citywide Banks’ Annual Money Match campaign! Citywide Banks matched $2,000 of our

$5,850 community donations. The bank also showcased AYO during its Annual Golf

Classic event! City Bank members and friends played an 18-hole game with one special

hole being reserved for AYO. Players chipped a rubber ducky into a kiddy pool and for

each hole in one, Citywide donated once more. An additional $5,000 was raised for our

September 13, 2016

Every year, AYO hosts an all-day extended event that is free for all matches to attend as a way to bond and develop deeper relationships with one another. This year, on September 10th, seven matches participated in AYO’s annual Ropes Course Event at West Pines Training Facility in Wheat Ridge. Matches were challenged both physically and mentally to overcome obstacles, all the while building a stronger relationship with their mentor/mentee.

September 01, 2016

Last Thursday Citywide Banks held an amazing event and AYO was the beneficiary.The Matching campaign is still going on (till Sept 15) and we have only raise $700 of the $2,000!!!!! We need your help! Please see the article below and the link and consider supporting us to meet our goal- THANK YOU!!

August 02, 2016


On Saturday July 30th, two of AYO's matches had the opportunity to head to the mountains in Golden and try some outdoor rock climbing! It was such a fun, beautiful day that was both challenging and encouraging to all who attended. A huge thank you goes out to our wonderful guide, Andrew, founder of Network 5.12, who graciously supported and guided everyone in the mountains at no cost to AYO. We cannot thank him enough for his generosity, guidance, and support!


August 02, 2016

On Saturday July 30th, Aurora Youth Options partnered with GRASP (Gang Rescue and Support Project) and A-GRIP (Gang Reduction Impact Program) to offer the second annual Aurora Peace March Event at Spencer Garret Park.  With about 150 people in attendance, youth and families in the Aurora community played in a basketball tournament with Aurora police officers, were offered many raffle prizes and food, and came to visit numerous resource tables to learn more about what resources are available in the immediate Aurora area. 

June 28, 2016

This past week four AYO youth attended the Community College of Aurora’s YAASPA’s program (Young Aspiring Americans for Social Political Activism), ensuring them a 2 year scholarship after they graduate high school!  All four of these youth have been in or are currently a part of our mentor program.  AYO staff are so proud of these

June 13, 2016

Last week AYO staff took time to bond during our annual team retreat. We spent the day learning how to be more culturally competent of our youth that we work with, touring the Mizel Museum in Denver, and ending the day at the East Side Kosher Deli for lunch, along with some great teambuilding activities and discussion about how to improve AYO over the next year.  We are so grateful for each other and all of the youth we serve!

May 31, 2016

On Wednesday May 25th, Aurora Youth Options celebrated the end of the school year with our Homework Help and Tutoring Program, having both youth and tutors participate in planting a local garden outside of the Hoffman Building.  Lots of laughs were heard, memories were shared, and everyone got their hands dirty doing their part to plant in the community garden.  AYO has enjoyed watching our Homework Help and tutoring youth and adults develop close relationships over this last school year. Happy summer!