Corporate Partners



Rally employees, increase morale, foster team building, and promote your company’s social 

investment strategy through our various company-wide engagement opportunities.




Aurora Youth Options (AYO) works with at-risk middle and high school aged youth along with their families, to navigate, connect, and provide positive individualized resources for success. We provide positive individualized resources to help youth thrive and to help the Aurora community move in positive directions. AYO directly connects with over 500 youth per school year, and works with an additional 1,000 youth in the classroom. Nationally, one in three youth are growing up without an adult member of any kind – increasing their risk of not completing school, poor work performance, and underdeveloped life skills.


Partnerships between the private sector and AYO transform both your business and our youth. In partnership, we generate breakthrough solutions to drive positive changes in our youth and sustainable impact for community’s future adults. AYO will work with you to create a shared value partnership, employee diversity and mentor-ship training, and help you in marketing your partnership with us . Our partners benefit from improved moral, more engaged employees, critical training opportunities, and higher community reach. Statistically, at-risk youth that work with mentors are more likely to attend college,


Aurora Youth Options offers three tiers of partnership, and will help you chose the right fit for your workplace.


Designed for our clients to shadow your staff, and see how you all do what you do. Our youth that will shadow your staff specifically choose your company and your staff as an interest to explore for a potential future profession. This is your time for staff to shine and be examples to our youth.


The core of our services, one-on-one mentoring changes lives – for our youth and for your employees. Individual mentoring teaches vital life skills, enforces social development, and paves the path for professional maturity.


Your support keeps us going. Sponsor an event or youth activity. Donate products to help our youth, operations or special occasions. From events getting our youth on high ropes courses to build confidence to teaching service work to our youth by building care kits for the homeless, we can find an option that best fits your business and heart.


Our staff will work with you to find how you can best work with us. We will find solutions that benefit your business, your staff, and your community relationships while helping AYO move forward in our mission to serve at-risk youth.