Male Group Mentoring

Event Date: 
Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 4:15pm to 6:15pm
AYO office

AYO Group Mentoring Program Overview:

AYO Group Mentoring program ensures that middle and high school aged male youth in need of a mentor are supported. AYO does this by consistently offering 2 monthly sessions that provides a safe and welcoming environment with trusted adults to facilitate conversation.

Mission: Envision, Equip, Empower

AYO is driven to equip youth with life skills to help them better understand themselves in order to reach their full potential.

Life Skills Development Curriculum

The purpose of the Life Skills Development Curriculum is to give youth the opportunity to explore their purpose and potential in life in order to reach their long-term goal. The life skills development curriculum is broken down into three sessions; Self, World, and Actions. Each session is 2 hours long and is offered 2x a month. Within each session, all participants will explore in depth with their peers the topic for the week through interactive group discussions and activities.

·       SELF: Youth will have the opportunity to explore their potential through understanding the power of self-awareness and what it means to be self-aware.

·       WORLD: By youth having the opportunity to explore the power of self-awareness will help them see the bigger picture of the world and their place within it.

·       ACTION: Once youth develop a greater understanding of themselves and their place within the world, youth will then map out their action plans, steps, and decisions in achieving their long-term goal.

Core Values: Integrity, Courage, Community, Discipline 

AYO believes that the fundamentals for youth exceling and reaching their full potential must apply the following core values; integrity, courage, community, and discipline.


·        Integrity holds youth accountable with upholding their morals, values and actions as they discover their potential and develop life skills. Within the program, AYO staff asks all participates to be open and honest with themselves and others. 

·        Courage encourages a youth to step outside their comfort zone in order to grow and excel as an individual. Through courage, youth will be encouraged to be vulnerable to others as well as themselves by embracing and expressing all emotions and feelings appropriately.

·        Community validates others by acknowledging that their values, concerns and challenges are important, heard, appreciated, and understood. For AYO to create a safe space, we ask all participants to agree, acknowledge, and accept everyone for who they are regardless of differences and background. It is only within a safe space where all youth and staff feel validated and comfortable in expressing who they are in order to help each other progress.

·        Discipline AYO staff will support and encourage all participants to be consistent in their commitment to the program as well as reminding youth to practice the proper code of behavior as a tool to improve as an individual.

Outcome: By applying our values into the life skills curriculum, will then youth be able to act in achieving the greater good within their community.


To refer a student or learn more about the program, please contact Carroll Conley at 303-739-1596 or 



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