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How AYO works

Middle and high school youth who live or go to school in the City of Aurora are identified through community members in their schools and neighborhoods. Youth are assigned an AYO youth specialist who will assist the youth in finding resources and/or programs of interest to the youth.  The AYO youth specialist will meet with youth and their families in their homes or other community locations and will assess the youth's needs through the Communities that Care (CtC) Youth Survey which assesses risk and protective factors. The CtC will guide the referral process.

An AYO youth specialist will work with each youth to offer referrals to existing community services and offer assistance for funding those services if other resources are unavailable. Youth who meet certain criteria will be referred to the AYO Mentor Program. The youth specialists will follow up with each youth and family to assure that they have received the services needed and will re-evaluate risk and protective factors at the six-month interval. Each participating youth is required to complete a post survey. 

Starting the process


Middle and high school students who are currently living in Aurora or going to school in Aurora. 


Youth can be nominated by ANYONE including peers and him/herself. Please fill out a nomination form and return it to Aurora Youth Options. 


Resources for: community, school, family, peers, and self. Connections can include: Extracurricular activities, leadership skills, mentoring, clubs, school help, job skills and much more!

Please fill out the following nomination form and return it to Aurora Youth Options.  An AYO youth specialist will be in contact with you as soon as possible. You can also attend one of our drop-in YouthSurvey Nights to get involved. For dates see the schedule on the main page.

Nominate a youth

To nominate a youth please complete an online nomination form, or a printable nomination form, and return it to an AYO Youth Specialist. 

For additional resources, please refer to these brochures:

Lifeline Brochure 

Family Resource Brochure

Elementary Age Resource Brochure


Youth Specialists

Tamika Greenwood 303.923.6311,

Audra Herman 303.617.2660,

Fax: 303.617.2669 

Address: 1298 Peoria St. Aurora, CO 80011