Taken from Obesity Lifestyles Influences and Risk Prevention Part two of the 2015 Health Consciousness Ambassador Program a partnership with Aurora Youth Options and the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center.

The program offered summer 2015 to middle and high school aged youth is a unique, free summer program for students demonstrating leadership and potential to positively impact their community. Youth are asked to serve as role models for their peers, family and community.

Eating Out

Many restaurants are making strides to offer healthy meals. When possible look at nutrition facts sometimes presented with food selections to help you decide what to get. Remember to fuel your body with the healthies option available and affordable.

Check portion size, just because it was given doesn’t mean you have to eat it all. Use the palm of your hand as a guide. If possible ask that you only receive what you will eat or share with a friend.

Ask how it is prepared. Many times the item description will let you know, it’s okay to ask. Look for fresh, boiled, baked – cooking in fat adds extra, empty calories.

Sugars sweetened beverages are more than soda, check the sugar in fruit juices, energy drinks and sometimes flavored waters. When in doubt fuel your body with water.

Add green and/or fresh every time you eat. Consider a side salad instead of fries. Fresh is the healthies form of fruit and vegetables however they don’t last. When you get them eat them soon.

Consider nuts and seeds instead of candy bars. Nuts and seeds contain healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals as well as protein to keep you going.

Learn more about the Ambassador Program and how you can role model and advocate healthy eating, by contacting AYO at 303-617-2660